Germany 2019

At the 5th Saarbrücken Conference of Foreign Language Teaching with the gracious and impressive conference host, Prof. Thomas Tinnefeld.

Ich bin Nürnbergerin.

China 2017

At the 12th Annual International Conference of the China Association for Intercultural Communication (CAFIC). Before the talk and after the talk, with Professor Lixian Jin.

The food and professional interactions were both excellent!

An engraved stone at the Temple of Confucius in QuFu

Korea 2015

With some brilliant graduate students at Sogang University
Sogong University Students

TESOL 2015

Thanks to Kimberly Niezgoda for taking these pictures. Here, with Marianne Celce-Murcia and Brent Green.
Eli Hinkel, Brent Green, Marianne Celce-Murcia

Before presenting.
Eli Hinkel TESOL 2015

At the publisher's session.
Eli Hinkel TESOL 2015

Japan 2014

Thanks to Temple Universtiy Japan for hosting me as part of their Distinguished Lecturer Series.

On the steps in front of the Senso-ji shrine at Asakusa.

Shibuya in the Rain.

Italy 2014

Hobnobbing with a famous literary figure in Rome.

The grand canal in Venice.

TESOL 2014

My thanks to Kimberly Niezgoda for being the photographer extraordinaire for the occasion.

Portland, OR, March 2014. Giving a presentation with Marianne Celce-Murcia. Now, why isn't that overhead working?

And in a less formal the ALIS open meeting.
Piazza Navona

Got a chance to see my good friend and colleague, Dilin Liu
Piazza Navona

Robert Kaplan, receiving a plaque on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Applied Linguistics Interest Section
Piazza Navona


In Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, September 2013.
Piazza Santa Maria

Piazza Navona.
Piazza Navona


Presenting at TESOL 2013,  with Neil Anderson, Anne Burns, and Marrianne Celce-Murcia.

picture above taken by
Kimberly Niezgoda
Kimberly Niezgoda, Assistant Director for ESL at Wilkes University

Wilkes Barre

In Feb, 2013, I had the opportunity to visit with the IEP faculty of Wilkes University for a 2-day workshop / seminar.

With Karen Lau, Natasha Young, Dee Balice, Anita Williams, Cheryl DeFrain,


At a banquet sponsered by the 21st International Symposium on English Teaching, (ETA-ROC), Taipei, Taiwan. Professor Leung and the other conference officials were excellent and gracious hosts.

Taipei was a delightful city, full of popular temples and fine museums. Here is a shot of a service underway at XingTian temple.


In Ankara, presenting a plenary at the 11th METU International ELT Convention.

In front of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.


In Valencia, Spain after speaking at the 10th European Association of Language for Special Purposes (AELFE) Conference.

The conference was well-organized and the people were great! Not to mention the beautiful setting.

New Orleans

Leaving Puget Sound...

... and visiting the Mississippi.

TESOL at New Orleans fell a week after Mardi Gras


I appreciated the opportunity to speak at the Sogang University Korean Language Education Center 20th Anniversary International Conference in November 2010. The hospitality shown to me and the other speakers was absolutely world-class.

One of the many highlights of the trip was a visit to Gyeongbok-gung. Guards in tradional uniforms paraded on the grounds and were posted by the gate.

Seoul was full of cultural gems, from architecture to clothing. These dancers performed in Insadong.

Another highlight was a performance of the folk dance Ganggangsullae at Unhyeongung palace, a little clip of which is available here.


Visited the Grand Canyon in May, 2010. Even though it was in the 90's in Phoenix, it snowed the day we visited the canyon, obscuring the amazing view for about an hour.

Another amazing place in Arizona was the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix -- a cactus lover's paradise.

College of the Sequoias

I appreciated the opportunity to work with some of the faculty at the College of the Sequoias in Oct. 2009


The Sequoias were amazing, too!


In front of Blarney House on the grounds of Blarney Castle, August 2009.

Here's a picture taken from half-way up the castle.

New York

April 2009, after speaking at Columbia University Teachers College, a hike to Grant's Tomb


April, 2009. After a presentation at Colorado State, a quick side trip to Cheyenne WY


April 2008. At the Confucius temple.

Miao Hui festival.

A few blocks from the Taipei Railway Station

Hong Kong

April 2008. Victoria Peak.

The view from Victoria Peak.

Hong Kong harbor at night.

New England

Manchester, N.H. was a beautiful New England city, and the conference was well organized and well attended. Thanks, NNETESOL, for the opportunity to visit with you.

In New Hampshire for the NNETESOL fall conference, November 2007. Fortunately, some of the famous New England fall foliage was still attached to the trees.


Hunting for hishaku in Tokyo, May 2007, between seminar sessions at Temple University Japan.

Mt. Fuji, shot from a shinkansen window between Tokyo and Kyoto.

Shinto wedding at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.

Other frivolous travel

Mt. Rainier in the morning, seen from Bellevue, WA.

In front of Mt. Si in North Bend, WA.

Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala.